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Freedom Premium Lager

Light, Crisp, British Lager

Brewed using 100% British ingredients, this lager is crisp, bright and utterly refreshing. Light and golden in colour, merging tradition and taste for the perfect sessionable lager.




Spring water




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Tastes like...

How a proper lager should. Light, crisp and refreshing.


Goes well with...

Grilled foods and classic pub snacks.

"Great on any occasion. A lager of character that is beautifully refreshing and satisfying."

Joe McCarrick, Head Brewer


A light, crisp, refreshing craft lager that hits the spot no matter where you’re drinking it. Our British lager is the perfect accompaniment for any situation. Be that a party, night with friends or an afternoon in the garden. 


Whether you’re enjoying some winter pub snacks with family in front of a roaring fire or by a BBQ in the heat of summer; spatula in one hand, craft lager in the other, our British lager is guaranteed to be the star of the show. 

Made from just 4 ingredients but produced with love, care and attention we’re confident our Freedom lager can be counted amongst the best craft lagers in the world (humble, we know).      

We keep our lager free from unnatural ingredients and let it mature for a long time for a fuller flavour. We don’t cut corners, we’re only interested in making the best craft lagers in the UK. And while we’re at it, we’ll make them 100% vegan too!

We’re on a mission to bring back proper craft lager, the type of lager that when you taste it you stop, sit up and say “bloody hell that’s good”. Freedom wants you to fall in love with lager again.

If you want to buy craft lager online look no further than our website shop. You can get that crisp, refreshing hit of Freedom lager by the crate or with our beer subscription service. Fall in love with lager every time you crack a can or pop a bottle top with craft lagers from Freedom Brewery.   

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