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Freedom Helles

Pale, Floral, Organic Helles Lager

A pale balanced organic lager full of character. Inspired by the Munich Helles style, a clean malt base showcases the traditional Hallertau hops, delivering a delicate, floral balance of flavours that hits the spot.




Spring water




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Tastes like...

A sophisticated lager with a slightly sweeter taste.


Goes well with...

Fish dishes, delicate flavours & cheese.

"Our take on the traditional pale lager of Munich. The delicate floral aroma and balance of flavours makes this a personal favourite."

Joe McCarrick, Head Brewer


Freedom Helles lager is a beer for those who like their flavours subtle, complex and sophisticated. Our helles lager is a riff on the traditional pale lager of Munich. It has delicate floral aromas with just a hint of sweetness that makes it the perfect accompaniment to fish dishes or a hearty cheese board. 

So, whether you’re carving up hunks of Gouda or serving up some flakey white fish, always make sure you’ve got an organic helles lager to hand to complement your meal and wash it down with a flowery, sophisticated beer.  

Our organic helles lager is brewed using just 4 simple ingredients: spring water, barley, hops and yeast. But we pour (pun intended) countless hours of labour into each batch of helles lager to make sure our exacting high-standards; and the flavour of the organic helles lager never slips.

We’re on a mission at Freedom to get people falling in love with lager again. For us, nothing quite hits the spot like an aromatic helles lager, one sip can take you back to festivals with friends, fun evenings with the family or, perhaps, just relaxing on your own with a book and beer in the park.    

If you want to buy helles online look no further than our website shop. You can get that complex, aromatic hit of Freedom Helles by the crate or with our beer subscription service. Fall in love with helles lager every time you crack a can or pop a bottle top with an organic helles lager from Freedom Brewery.   

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