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Freedom Brewery

The Pioneers of Premium British Lager

The home of Freedom

Our brewery in Staffordshire is the home of Freedom and we think it’s pretty special. Nestled on the side of a small valley with a spectacular view of the countryside it’s the perfect place to focus on our beers. We make all our beer here and nowhere else and that’s just how we like it. Our brewery is setup with some of the latest technology and sustainable brewing practises to show this is how good a beer should be.

Heart of rural Staffordshire

Our brewery is located in the village of Abbots Bromley in the heart of Staffordshire. The local area known mainly for its farming but also its water, which has been used in brewing since brewing beer was a thing! We get our water from a natural spring beneath the brewery, It gives our beers unique characteristics you won't find elsewhere.

Surrounded by wildlife

Here at the brewery we're surrounded by farmland and nature and we often have a few visitors, whether it's loose sheep or curious deer. If you're paying a visit to the brewery be sure to look out for the resident peacock or the rare white deer.

Our brewing process

At Freedom we take great pride in our beers every step of the way, from sourcing ingredients to delivery to our customers. Find out what we do and why it makes our beers taste so good.

Our beers

Long Maturation

Lager isn’t just the name of a beer, it’s also a process. Lagering requires ageing the beer at cold temperatures for extended period of time, in our case at least 4 weeks. This brings out the real flavours of the beer making it crisp, smooth and cleaner.

Vegan Certified

Traditionally beer is filtered with isinglass finings (fish bladders) to make the beers bright and crisp. However. due to our extended maturation we use Kieselguhr Filtration making all our beers completely vegan certified.

Fluid Heat Exchange

We use the latest brewing technology to maximise our efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. We use cold water to cool the hot and vice versa to reduce our energy consumption by 30%.

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Award Winning

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