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Freedom Pils Lager

Golden, Bittersweet, Pilsner Lager

A modern twist on classic Pilsner styles. Brewed with the perfect mix of European and American hops delivers a distinctive citrus aroma with a bittersweet bite.




Spring water




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Tastes like...

A bromance of bittersweet flavours and a subtle citrus aroma.


Goes well with...

Pretzels, fried foods, bratwurst or lemon shortbread.

"A reinvented classic Czech Pilsner with a Freedom twist. A beautiful balance of bold flavours to tantalise the taste buds."

Joe McCarrick, Head Brewer


Our craft pilsner provides the perfect hit of bold bittersweet flavours and delicate citrus aromas. The pils lager we produce blends European and American hops to create a pilsner beer which is both refined and complex, yet instantly enjoyable and accessible for the everyday drinker.

It’s our reinvented Czech classic with a decidedly Freedom twist. 

Our brewing process creates a craft pilsner that is a beautiful balance of bold flavours with slight bitter undertones. It’s the type of drink you’d want to see next to anything deep fried or covered in mustard. 

So, whether your chowing down on a bratwurst and sauerkraut hotdog at Oktoberfest or watching the New England Patriots with some hot wings in a Boston bar, a pilsner beer should be your go-to choice to complement those hot, rich foods.   

We brew all our pils lager using only 4 ingredients: Spring water, hops, barley and yeast. The thing that makes our craft pilsner so special (besides the amount of love, care and attention we put into it) is our use of Saaz and Centennial hops. 

These hops add a whole heap of aromas and bitterness to our pilsner beer and, combined with our slower brewing times, create a craft pilsner with a deep flavour.  

If you’re looking for a delicious bittersweet pils lager to enjoy at home or with friends head over to our website shop to pick up a crate or set up a subscription. Pilsner beer straight to your door! Who wouldn’t want that?

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