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Sustainability has always been a guiding principle for us at Freedom Brewery. Throughout our 25 year history of independent brewing,  we’ve alway championed a natural, sustainable approach to making beer. Not because it’s the “cool” thing to do (we don’t do gimmicks) but because we passionately believe that this is the best way to make great tasting beer. 

And, if the beer we make ends up being some of the best vegan craft beer in the UK, who are we to complain? 

Ok, you got us. It wasn’t just a happy accident that got us on to the vegan lager train. It was a conscious decision by everyone at the brewery, but something we believe in fully and still champion today just as fiercely as when we started this venture over two decades ago. 

So much so that our entire brewery is built around natural and sustainable brewing methods. We have our own natural onsite spring that provides all the water for our vegan beers and our waste water is filtered through a natural reed bed filtration system to make sure no nasty brewing byproduct end up back in nature. 

Our vegan lager process even omits the use of isinglass (fish bladder, yuk) so you can be confident that any vegan craft beer you can pick up from us is totally free of animal products. 

We don’t compromise at Freedom Brewery, we just want to make the best vegan beer possible and vegan lagers you’ll want to drink time and time again. Whether you follow a plant-based diet or not, we’re sure you’ll agree Freedom Beer’s quality, taste and flavours are great.

Independent. Natural. Sustainable. Taste Freedom.

Want to find out what all the Freedom fuss is about? You can buy vegan beers over at our online store. Grab a crate for the weekend or subscribe to our beer delivery service. Great tasting vegan beers direct to your door. Who doesn’t want that?  

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