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How we’re celebrating Freedom Day

We’re celebrating Freedom Day with you by sharing some exclusive offers from Freedom Brewery. Read to find out more...


You rap your fingers on the bar in anticipation. When you’re thirsty it can feel like hours before you get passed a nice cold pint.

But it’s July the 19th and your first beer on Freedom Day feels like it’s taking an eternity to arrive.

You’re so happy to be out with your friends and stood, YES STOOD, at the bar of your local pub. You’ve decided it’d be easier not to do rounds. After all, you don’t want to be carrying 4 pints of Freedom Lager through this busy bar. You can’t spill a drop, not today.

There’s a lovely atmosphere in your town and it’s so nice to be able to go out and see where your evening takes you. Just out and about, having a great time.

We feel exactly the same at Freedom Brewery. We’re so happy that hospitality can start to open up again, cautiously, but optimistically. We’ve all had a tough 18 months but hopefully this is the start of changing times and it’s now time to get out there and seek the Good Times!

We’d love to celebrate Freedom Day with you by sharing some exclusive Freedom Day offers from Freedom Brewery. You can find all the details from our Freedom Day offers below.

Grab a free beer on us

Yes, you read that right, we’re giving away free beer. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it isn’t. We’re all itching to get back out and nothing would make us happier at Freedom Brewery than if you raised a glass of Freedom Lager with your friends to toast the end of lockdown.

There are participating bars all over the country, you can find your nearest pub and claim your free drink here.

Grab some free beer at the Freedom Shop.

You might have noticed there’s a free beer theme going on here with these offers. If you can’t make it to the pub on Freedom Day, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. If you head over to our shop we’re giving away 12 free cans of Freedom Lager when you buy a crate of 24 Freedom Lager cans.

That’s right, get 12 free Freedom Lagers on us. Use the code FREEDOMDAYPACK at the checkout to claim your free crate of beer. Head over to our online shop to place your order. The Freedom Brewery Shop.

How are the Freedom Brewery team celebrating Freedom Day?

Our brewery is based in the heart of rural Staffordshire, and the forecast for Freedom Day is sun! Freedom Day might fall on a Monday but you best believe we’ll be taking the afternoon off to catch some rays at the Brewery and have a celebration with the entire team.

Our brewery is also nestled on the edge of Abbott’s Bromley village, and after the working day is done we plan to have a few Freedom Beers together to toast all of the hard work the team has put in during these difficult times, and our wonderful customers for sticking by us. This one’s for you!

How are you celebrating Freedom Day?

However you’re celebrating Freedom Day we hope you have an amazing time. Raise a glass with friends and enjoy the day in the sun with a (Freedom) beer in hand. If you’d like to get 12 free beers from our shop head over to the online store. If you’d like to get a voucher for a free beer in town use this page.

Happy Freedom Day everyone.

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