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Have a little patience…

What is Lagering?


As the original craft lager brewer, we have always committed to investing time into producing the best craft lagers. No gimmicks, no shortcut, no compromise. Taking our time to bring you a beer which stands out from the rest, in all the right ways!

When it comes to brewing craft lager, it’s all about patience – giving our beer the time it needs to develop into the Freedom Lager you know and love. This is particularly important when it comes to ageing…

Lager isn’t just the name of a beer, it’s also a process. Lagering requires maturing the beer at cold temperatures for an extended period of time. In our case, at least 4 weeks! Way longer than many of the mainstream brewers out there… 😉

Cold lagering for longer brings out the real flavours of the beer making it crisp, smooth and bright. Yes, we could heat pasteurise and speed up the process – as many others do – but doing it the proper way retains the full, rounded flavour of the beer, and creates a bright, golden lager.


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