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This is Craft Lager

Do you truly know the difference between lager and craft lager?


We’ve all heard of lager, and hopefully by now you’ve heard of craft lager. But do you truly know the difference?

Lager has been a staple of our glasses for decades, and dates back over 600 years to the Bavarian breweries of Germany. Brewers found that maturing (or ‘lagering’) beer in cold underground cellars allowed a better, more rounded flavour to develop, which began the reign of Britain’s favourite beer.

But over time, lager has become a mass-produced commodity, losing the essence of what has always made lager great, resulting in fizzy, bland beer, and breweries focused more on quantity than quality. So that’s where Freedom came in…

We wanted to develop lager that honours the centuries-old traditions, and evolve the proper lager brewing processes to make them modern. Craft. We focus on cold maturation (no heat pasteurisation here!), maturing our beer for 4 weeks – much longer than many mainstream “lager” breweries. Sure, it takes longer, but it’s worth it to get the bright, refreshing and flavoursome lager we’ve become known for. No shortcuts, no cost-cutting, no gimmicks.

As the original pioneer of British craft lager, Freedom’s inspiration was to make something classic and modern, true to tradition, and true to drinkers today. It’s proper craft lager, brewed properly, because that makes for better tasting lager. And that’s what really matters, right?


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