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Our ethos

Made without compromise and brewed with a conscience.

The things we believe in

At Freedom we’re not interested in gimmicks or compromises. We believe in producing beers you want to drink time after time. Beer that’s brilliantly balanced, free from animal products and made sustainably. We’ve been brewing our way for nearly 30 years free from compromise. Premium, British, Sustainable. Taste Freedom.

Have the Freedom to Love Lager Again

We’re on a mission to help people fall back in love with lager. You used to drink it once, but like your haircut at the time it went out of fashion. We’re here to tell you lager is back and it’s better than ever.

Love lager again


We’re very proud to be an independent, British brewery and have been brewing our way for nearly 30 years.


All of our beers are naturally carbonated and unpasteurised to protect their delicate flavours. We ferment at low temperatures and long mature our beer to maximise the flavour. All of our beers are Vegan Society certified.


We use our own unique water supply located beneath the brewery and recycle all our waste water through a natural reed bed filtration system. This means our water never travelling more than half a mile for it to be used to brew and returned back to the environment.

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