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Freedom Road Trip: Our top 5 UK campervan routes

Nothing says 'freedom' like a campervan trip! Here are some of our favourite routes...


Good times. They’re out there.

There’s nothing quite like the open road. You’ve got the wind in your hair and the Freedom to go anywhere. Adventure is just around the corner.

There are hundreds of different ways to explore the open road. Some people like to take the car and drive from rest stop to rest stop. The more daring amongst us might like to see the world on the back of a Harley Davidson.

But at Freedom Brewery we feel the only proper way to do a road trip is in your very own campervan. Whether you’ve refurbished one yourself or you’re just renting for a holiday, seeing the world from your own home on wheels gives you all the flexibility and freedom you could ever want from a road trip.

No hotel in sight? No problem. Want to enjoy the evening by a beautiful lake? Just drive up and park. Freedom is out there, you just need to find it!

But it can be a bit daunting when you get behind the wheel of your campervan. With the open road stretched out in front of you, where do you go?

This indecision can lead a lot of road-trippers down the same routes they’ve been on before. Or, even worse, they end up in a part of the world which isn’t very exciting.

So, to help you avoid these pitfalls and guarantee your campervan road trip is a once in a lifetime experience we’ve put together a list of our favourite UK based campervan driving routes and locations.

With at least one route in each part of the UK you’ll alway have a suggestion on hand when you’re planning your latest caravan adventure.

Snowdonia and Anglesey – Wales

If your goal is to get as far away from city life as possible then the first suggestion on this list is for you. Snowdonia and Anglesey are located on the North Western tip of Wales and the former is a national park.

This means you’re guaranteed rugged, magical and breathtaking scenery. Whether it’s nature watching in Anglesey or trekking in Snowdonia this area of the country is perfect for road trippers looking to get back to nature.

Snowdonia boasts the highest mountain in Wales and the second highest in the UK as a whole. Snowdon is just shy of 1000 metres but can be climbed by most active people. There’s no better way to celebrate summiting the mountain than with an ice cold beer too.

You can take a break from all the walking by driving over the bridge to Anglesey to enjoy a day on the beach. Anglesey also boast many ancient monuments and has a wealth of historical sights to explore (many off the beaten path and best accessed via a campervan).

If you’re looking for a campervan holiday that’ll let you get back to nature, enjoy some long walks and take in some amazing historical sites then Snowdonia and Anglesey is the area for you.

The Antrim Coast – Northern Ireland

From North Wales we just need to take a quick hop across the Irish Sea to get to Northern Ireland.

The Antrim Coast is the home of the fabled Giant’s Causeway, a natural rock formation which is breathtaking to behold. Also, fans of the TV phenomenon Game of Thrones (except season 8 am I right) can visit several locations used in the show.

The Antrim Coast is great for people who want a campervan holiday on a rugged and starkly beautiful coast line.

As well as the Giant’s Causeway you can also visit the picturesque fishing villages of Portstewart and Portrush. They both boast amazing seafood and beautiful beaches. The types of beaches you might want to have a beer on after a long day’s drive.

One bonus the Antrim Coast has over Snowdonia and Anglesey is it’s proximity to a large city. (If you love your peaceful countryside holiday then this might not be a bonus for you) Belfast sits on the eastern edge of the Antrim coast and is a great place to start and end your campervan holiday. You can drive out of Belfast and take the coast road all the way to Derry where you can take the inland A6 all the way back to your starting point.

This makes the Antrim Coast a lovely little campervan route that could take you a few days to a whole week to complete.

The North Coast 500 – Scotland

This list of campervan holiday routes wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the North Coast 500. Situated on, you guessed it, the north coast of Scotland the route is an entire loop around the north of the country It’s 516 miles of highland mountains, rugged coastline and breathtaking scenery.

The route starts and ends in the port city of Inverness, specifically, Inverness castle. Out of all the suggestions on this list the North Coast 500 is the route that’ll let you see the greatest variety of scenery.

You’ll be driving through the highlands one day and cruising down a coast road the next. You’ll stop off in fishing villages, see ancient monuments and spend time in big cities like Inverness.

The route is a long one, so it’s wise to come prepared. You may be spending two or three nights a week camping in the wilderness as villages on the route are few and far between. But if you love the D.I.Y side of a campervan holiday (who doesn’t) then this route will be perfect for you.

Just don’t forget to pack your crate of Freedom Beers to enjoy at John O’Groats, the most northerly point in Britain.

Dorset – England

From the very North of the country to the very south. Our next campervan route in England is Dorset’s Jurassic Coast. This is the shortest route on the list, only 18 miles but you can branch off from this to explore the rest of the county at your own leisure.

The coast, which in its entirety stretches for 95 miles, was recently designated a UNESCO World heritage site. It’s a treasure trove for dinosaur lovers and anyone who’s interested in geology and the history of the earth.

As the county is at the southerly tip of England it’s also likely going to be the hottest place on this list. So, if you’re looking to catch some rays you can do a lot worse than Dorset.

If you’re on the lookout for a bite to eat whilst you’re in the area you can drop into the River Cottage Kitchen in Axminster. It’s technically in Devon, but we won’t tell anyone if you don’t. The restaurant is run by celebrity TV chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and is an official partner of Freedom Brewery. So if you’re looking for a cold pint of Freedom lager with your dinner while you’re exploring the South West head over to River Cottage Kitchen.

Dorset is also famed for its water sports and delicious local produce, so if you want to add a sunny beach holiday to your campervan getaway Dorset is the one for you.

The Lake District – England

The last campervan route on our list takes in one of England’s most scenic national parks, The Lake District. With lots of mountains to climb, lakes to swim in, villages to see and food to try, the Lakes is perfect for people who want to see the best mountainous scenery England has to offer.

The market town of Keswick is the best place to start any campervan driving route. The small town has lots of b&bs, restaurants and pubs and is situated on the shore of Lake Derwent Water.

From there you can take the A591 through Ambleside to Windermere. Lake Windermere is the largest lake in England and is surrounded by beautiful fells and villages.

While you’re in the area make sure you grab a pint of Freedom Lager at Base Pizza Place in Barrow-on-Windermere. The restaurant serves wood fired sourdough pizzas alongside ice cold pints of Freedom Lager. There’s nothing better after an afternoon in the lake or up the fells.

Once you’ve enjoyed Windermere you can head over to Kendal and try some of its famous mint cake. From Kendal you can turn west and head to the village of Cartmel which boasts many famous restaurants.

Once you’ve seen Cartmel, and maybe enjoyed the races there, you can head up the west coast of Cumbria to Cockermouth where you can cut back inland to finish at Keswick.

Although the Lake District is a big area it is less remote than some other suggestions on this list so you’re never far away from a campsite or a pub. Practically every village is the starting point for a walk so no matter where you stop you’ll be able to climb a mountain or walk around a lake.

Don’t forget your campervan essentials

Wherever you decide to go on your campervan holiday don’t forget the essentials! Food, water, warm clothes, a map, a plan, and most importantly, a few crates of beer for relaxing after a fun day adventuring in the wild.

When you’re packing for your next campervan road trip be sure to stop by our shop to stock up for your journey ahead.

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