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4 tips to help you have a great Veganuary


The post-Christmas, January lull can be a pretty miserable time. After the fun and festivities of Christmas the dark months of the New Year can be a tough slog. No one wants to do anything and everyone’s just battling through to February. 

But, January doesn’t have to be miserable. In fact, many people use the month to start their New Year’s Resolutions and put their best foot forward into the New Year. When it comes to January traditions, our favourite is Veganuary. Going plant-based for the month is a great way to give your body a break after the over-indulgence of the festive period, and an opportunity to try new things. 

Many use January as a time to ‘re-set’ and set new intentions for the year, and eating cleaner for the first 30 days of the year sounds good to us! That’s why we love Veganuary, and it helps that our beers are 100% vegan. Which means you can enjoy them when you’re doing Veganuary, or at any time of year for that matter! 

In this article we’ll explain why we love Veganuary at Freedom Brewery and we’ll share our top 4 tips to help you make your Veganuary as enjoyable as possible.

Looking for some vegan beers for Veganuary? Check out our special offer on our Freedom Taster pack. Try every beer Freedom has to offer and enjoy a plant-based January.

Why Freedom Brewery loves Veganuary 

A picture of some soft-shell vegan tacos with a pint

At Freedom brewery, we have brewed 100% vegan beer for over 25 years and we’re really proud of what we do (it helps that it tastes pretty flipping great too!) 

Moving towards a more sustainable and plant-based way of living is something we think society needs to do. We’re not saying everyone needs to go vegan 100% of the time but taking a more conscientious approach to the production of the food and drink we consume can help massively in reducing our impact on our planet.

Meat-free Mondays or no-fish Fridays are just two examples of how little changes to our consumption habits can have a positive effect on the earth, and our health.

Veganuary is a celebration of veganism and is a great opportunity to think a bit more about the food and drink we consume, where it has come from and how it is produced. 

If Veganuary can show more people the benefits and ease of reducing our intake of animal products and mass produced products in our lives, we’re all for it. And hey, you can still drink all the Freedom beer you want, being certified Vegan, locally produced and brewed using spring water sourced from beneath our brewery!

Veganuary is a great way to try new things in January but it can be tough if you’ve never tried a plant-based diet before. But it’s not as hard as it sounds and we think the 4 tips we’ve mentioned below will really help you through the January month.  

Our 4 tips for having a great Veganuary

Going vegan for Veganuary (or any month for that matter) is a great idea but it isn’t without its challenges. Below we’ve listed our top 4 tips for having a great Veganuary. Follow these to make your plant-based month a joy. 

Get a list of vegan suppliers prepped ahead of time

The last thing you want to be doing on the 4th of January is checking the labels on everything in your local supermarket to see if there’s any animal products in them. This can be a real drain and can sap your willpower when it comes to making sure you’re only consuming plant-based food and drink. 

It’s a much better idea to get a list of vegan food and drink suppliers prepped ahead of time so you can save yourself the hassle of trying to find plant-based ingredients in January. 

There are lots of online suppliers on the internet that will deliver veg boxes, vegan meal kits and food right to your doorstep. This can save you a lot of time and energy and you can be confident all the food and drink you’re enjoying is 100% vegan. 

If you’re looking for a vegan beer supplier, Freedom Brewery can help you. We only produce vegan beers and we’ll deliver our refreshing lagers, pales, pilsner and helles directly to your door. Check out our shop to see all our products and you can take advantage of our special 12 can taster pack we have on offer. 

Find a friend or partner to do the month with

A couple of friends cheering their pints

When it comes to taking on a new challenge, whether it’s signing up to a gym, learning a new skill or going plant-based for the month of January, holding yourself accountable to your goals is a key component of success.

If you just do Veganuary on your own it can be difficult to stay motivated. Nobody’s holding you to account or expecting anything off you so why not just cheat a little. No one’s looking after all. 

Going solo for something like Veganuary can be really hard. It’s much better to team up with a friend or partner and attack the month together. That way you can both help each other out when things get tough, support each other and share tips (like these) and great recipes you’ve found.

When one person might be struggling and craving a post-work McDonalds, you can pop over with a crate of Freedom beer and help them stave off the beef burger cravings. 

Doing Veganuary this way greatly increases your chances of success and it’s a lot more fun too. Doing it with a buddy or partner means you can go out to eat together and cook together.

Put your Xmas cookbooks to good use

A Freedom beer next to some food

If you’re a foodie chances are you’ll get a few cook books for Christmas. If you get given a cookbook on the 25th, make sure you bookmark the vegan section ready to go for January 1st. 

You can even drop some subtle hints in the build up to Christmas that a vegan cookbook would make an excellent stocking filler for yourself. Having a list of vegan recipes ready to try can make every meal time in Veganuary a treat. 

Also the general consensus is that vegan food isn’t very flavourful and lacks variety. That couldn’t be further from the truth and having a great vegan cookbook on hand to help you make amazing meals can show you just how delicious plant-based cooking can be. Just make sure you’ve got a few Freedom lagers on hand, nothing beats a beer when you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen.   

Extend your Veganuary beyond just food  

Veganuary can encompass more than just food and vegan beers. The clothes you wear and products you buy for your home can also be plant-based and cruelty-free. If you want to go the extra mile this veganuary, try swapping out your beauty products for ones that haven’t been tested on animals and buy clothes from renewable, ethical companies. No leather!

Going plant-based means more than not eating meat and if you’re up for the extra challenge try a Veganuary that goes beyond just food.

Make sure you get your Veganuary supplies now!

A Freedom branded delivery box

If you’re planning on doing Veganuary make sure you get in your supplies now so you’re not rushing about in the January sales trying to find vegan food and drink. If you’re looking to get your supply of vegan beer in now look no further than Freedom Brewery. We can deliver vegan beer directly to your door, check out our shop to see all our beers. 

We also have a special offer on our Freedom taster pack. Get 12 vegan, Freedom beers for you to enjoy in Veganuary. Check out the offer here.

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